Month: January 2017

The Killer Who Sang for the Kids

Imagine, if you can, a record producer coming to his boss with an idea for a new album; a collection of children’s songs by a black man who has been imprisoned several times, once for killing a relative in a fight over a woman, a second time for attempted murder of a white man.

The swiftness with which such a proposal and its author would be dispatched today would set a land speed record for rejection of cockamamie ideas.

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For centuries a whiskey town
Distilling Molloy’s firewater
And a Phoenix town
Risen from the flames
Of accidental destruction
Caused by a hot air balloon;
The first ever aviation disaster
Here in Ireland.

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A Short Essay on “An Anonymous Story”

I got a free app to keep track of my reading. I don’t know, but I thought it might be helpful. It has a star rating system which I find absurd. Trying to co-operate, not my best thing, I decided the Bible and Shakespeare rated a 5 and anything else had to be no more than a 4.

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The Backlands

Sonny, face deadpan, flings his ballpoint across the reflective marble of the conference table. It flies with unintended precision, hitting his older sister Maya in the center of her chest like a dart. A tentative smile twitches across her face, because he’s fifty-six and he’s never been good at anger, never had reason to be. The pen was the best he could manage.

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