Author: Colm Fahy

Bar Bahar – Everything but In Between

In a recent interview in the Spanish press, Maysaloun Hamoud sighs with exasperation – “Why would anybody think the characters, who are out partying and having a good time, are trying to escape -just because they drink and take drugs”. She protests. “The protagonists are young, that’s life, life in Tel Aviv.”

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Tackling Monsters – Foster takes on Big Business in timely financial tale of our Times

Jodie Foster has been around a while, but unlike many (nay! the majority) of her artist predecessors, contemporaries and, indeed, imitators, Foster is both surrounded by and imbued with compelling enigma, whether it is through her private life (not so concerning for us), her choice of film as an actor, or the subject matter of her directorial material.

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Throw Substance from the Plane – Why Captain Koblic Deserves a Remake

    It has often been a thorny issue in cinema – tackling the murky side of human nature and of course its darker episodes. At best, directors, writers and producers run the risk of being so compellingly accurate and explicit in their accounts of horrid histories that critics cry foul with accusations of turning tragedy into entertainment, or of abdicating responsibility to the audience or even using deeply emotive historical events to deliberately manipulate viewer emotions. Such was the stance taken by Michael Hanneke in his repudiation of Spielberg’s Schindler’s List (1993). On the other hand, filmmakers equally run the risk of understating the gravity of historical events or putting profound and disturbing episodes in history to subsidiary or ancillary use in stories that otherwise might not be so compelling. Of course, if the director’ focus is pure entertainment, then Zack Snyder will be readily forgiven for the ludicrously inaccurate but visually engaging take on the battle of Thermopylae in 300 (2006). If, however, the intention is to convey a sense of accuracy, then one might be less forthcoming with absolution for the likes of Ridley Scott’s take on the history of Jerusalem or that of Christopher Columbus. Then there issue of jettisoning living human being from airplanes in a time within very recent living memory, which, arguably, has a greater resonance than these other distant historical happenings....

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