Category: Fiction

The Sure Thing

Lately Millstein’s work as senior insurance underwriter at M&J International had begun to suffer. Some days he could barely drag himself to the office, his once renowned powers of concentration had withered…

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I kept both hands on the wheel as I slowed to a stop. I’ve never had any problems, but sometimes my tattoo sleeves rubbed law enforcement the wrong way. They saw me as sort of a Colin Kaepernick, just shorter, less attractive, and with absolutely no talent.

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Where You Belong

‘A true place,’ sounded like something Rob would say after leaving a warm bed on a moonless night to laze on the cold ground and awe at the sight of three planets aligned. He could make you want to believe it was all that mattered.

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One morning, Kind-Responsible-No-Baggage-Man isn’t in bed. He saunters in at 10AM with cappuccinos and he’s not wearing his mask. There’s a purple bruise ringed on his cheek like fish lips. “I need to tell you something,” he says.

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On the Balcony

Helen was found on the sprawling covered balcony that overlooked the valley, swaying from the rafters like a pendant, graceful as she always was. Kate wondered if anyone had seen her from below, floating amongst the potted palms and grasses. Perhaps from a distance she appeared to be dancing.

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Taxi Dreams

They get off the bridge and weave through the streets, and are soon downtown. Even though Pablo’s only been to that building once, he already remembers how to get there. There’s the same street with the broken lamp, and the mural of a Ferris wheel painted across a brick wall.

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Uncertain Endings

Fergus Falls News, August, 1909
J Montgomery hospitalized for insanity… young man’s situation is pitiable as he has been a cripple for a long time. A few days ago he became violent and mustering all his strength, endeavored to kill his mother and sister with an ax.

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Owen was circling phonemes on the patio of the coffee shop when the owner stuck her swan neck out the back door and yelled, “White Dodge, you’re being towed!”

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Jiangxi Soviet

Xiao Fan looked up as the words were severed in the air. The scythe was no longer in his hand. Instead it was arcing downwards automatically, except not automatically, because it had been taken deftly from his grip by his elderly father who now slashed at their assailant in blind fury.

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