The Early Buzz on Mrs. Osmond

by | Oct 4, 2017 | Book Reviews



John Banville’s Mrs. Osmond is a sequel to the Henry James classic, Portrait of a Lady. In the James novel, Isabel Archer makes a tragic choice for a husband, becoming Mrs. Osmond. 

I’m a third through an advance copy; the book is a gorgeous waltz. You don’t have to have read the James but that would enhance the reading of Mrs. Osmond. 

If you love the novels Henry James, or other 19th century masters like George Eliot and Anthony Trollope, you should consider Mrs. Osmond required reading. A sequel to Portrait of a Lady, I’m also willing to assert, if you will allow me some literary latitude, that Portrait of a Lady is the prequel to Mrs. Osmond, as if the 21st century writer has turned a gilded telescope on the 19th.

A full review of Mrs. Osmond will appear on Litbreak Magazine on the U.S. on-sale date, November 7th.




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