The air that he breathes

On their way to the school bus stop his boys run ahead to an adventure of burnt logs they call "The Fires" beside a huge Australian river red gum stump they clamber up, inventing games.

A Shot in the Dark

My email account was disabled a few months ago. I ran out of storage and never bothered to make room for more, despite my wanting to. There are a lot of things I want to do that I never actually do.

Of Revelations

“You live in Russia, right?” asked the one who was Lucas, not out of curiosity, but politeness. He was reaching for the only thing he knew.

“Not anymore,” I said. I almost launched into a story about my days in an Eastern Orthodox monastery but remembered myself. I didn’t want to speak more than necessary. I wanted to save my words for Joey.

“Are you a communist?” Damien asked.

“No,” I replied.