The Funeral of an Honourable Gentleman

Funerals. Among the many things I hate is attending funerals. They are by far the most sanctimonious events on earth. A time where people heaped superficial emotions, pity and tears and then settle down for a cup of tea and hot soup. No matter how much I hated attending funerals, I was obliged to attend this one. It was a necessary evil, a last respect paid to someone no matter how honourable they were in their lifetime. There was no reason whatsoever why people who lived an un-gemy life should be tagged real and rare gems in death. read more

A Bigger Splash

If you were a filmmaker with an ambition to a make an impact, you might reconsider whether you would be likely to do so with a remake. But A Bigger Splash, the latest offering from director Luca Guadagnino, (a retake more than remake of the 1969 Alain Delon classic, La Piscine), is nonetheless itself destined for the classic shelves of Italian cinema and will, in all probability, muscle its way eventually into the pantheon of notable world cinema. read more


In the recovery area, someone brought Kate a little plastic cup of orange juice and a cold blueberry muffin. Cranked into sitting position, she ate out of groggy obedience. When she was able to stand, she dressed herself. Then a nurse escorted her out to the waiting room. read more