The Moon Outside a Window

It’s been impossible to even glance at him since he said the first irreversible things. This inability to look him in the face is many-faceted. In the beginning, it was the pain of longing and wishing he felt the same. Then there was the avoiding him in the mornings so he couldn’t see me in my tracksuit bottoms and wild, morning hair. And now, with the news of his bedding down with a partner for this globally terrifying event, the avoidance feels more jagged...

Queen of Strays

Amy wrote, ‘There are many things one should try not to take personally. An absence of convenient parking, inclement weather, a husband who finds that he loves someone else.’

Fire Damage

The trainmaster nodded as Roy stepped forward. “Okay, pay attention. The yardmaster is Hank.” He glanced toward the tracks. “That’s him over there with no shirt on. He’ll tell you what to do. If you get injured, tell Hank, and he’ll tend to it. Don’t bother the railway surgeon unless you need something amputated. Got it?”