Walk Better

“You walk better than most people I know.”

An insult conveniently wrapped in a compliment. A stinging backhand. The intent was clear: after several years, he finally brandished new ankle-foot orthotics, or AFOs, and given his previous struggles, the comment came from a place of love, of pride.

But it was, in fact, a slight. A slight against his intelligence, for he knew otherwise. That his walking was worse than the average person. That the culmination of aging and the progression of his symptoms would cripple him in various ways, both obvious and subtle. For the sake of being polite, he grit his teeth and smiled.

A Soldier’s Minute

The soldiers stood looking over a man, in his early twenties, unaware that his blood was being gradually diluted in the thick squelch of mud. His watch that had first alerted the men to his location, glimmered in the moonlight, marking the moment and time of a man who’d fallen.

Window Dressing

The more you write, the more you learn that writing is like putting flowerpots on a windowsill. There’s order and method to the beauty that people perceive. Ideas need to be watered, structured, and embedded within soil rich with character and intrigue to root the story.

A Letter from Kyiv

We strongly believe that where there are people, there is always the hope -- and it’s not a small hope -- for peace and for love. And as long as we have the wherewithal and the means to help, we must keep going.


“Um. Lorna? Scott and I need a favor. “

Scotty can’t ask her himself? This saddens her. Paul is the leader. Dominant, she cringes. It is Paul who will decide whether she and Scotty have any kind of relationship. It is Paul who will decide if her son ever sees her again.

Honing in on Short Stories

In writing "Hikokimori", I started off with two characters who speak different languages. I played with the idea of how difficult it is to connect with another person, even in your own family, and how connection can be impossible for some people.