Notes to My Father

Once in the middle of a work meeting, I had a panic attack. I did not know then what it was or what incited it. I felt lightheaded, and something about the four walls of the room felt so constricting that it made me dizzy and out of breath. My panic attacks began after my father had died.


Lincoln never intended to get into finance, let alone abandon his acting career in L.A. But then he needed to help pay his mother's bills, keep the roof of his childhood home over her head. The days of standing in casting lines were over.

The Final Twist

We were standing in the backyard of our grandmother’s house on Canal Street, in New Orleans. The air was thick and vines hung from the trees.
He wore jeans and a white t-shirt. His hair was greased just so. Eddie thrust his fist out toward an imaginary cheek. “Rotate your fist when you hit the other guy’s face,” he said.