But when I took my first writing class, I was dismayed that the only voice I heard was mine telling me that my previous works had been merely imitative, and that I was really an imposter as a writer with nothing of my own to say. 

An Invisible Thread

He would affix an alarm clock above his head so that if he drifted off to sleep while he was writing, the alarm clock would go off and fall on him. That way he could continue to write even when he was exhausted.

Window Dressing

The more you write, the more you learn that writing is like putting flowerpots on a windowsill. There’s order and method to the beauty that people perceive. Ideas need to be watered, structured, and embedded within soil rich with character and intrigue to root the story.

A Letter from Kyiv

We strongly believe that where there are people, there is always the hope -- and it’s not a small hope -- for peace and for love. And as long as we have the wherewithal and the means to help, we must keep going.

Honing in on Short Stories

In writing "Hikokimori", I started off with two characters who speak different languages. I played with the idea of how difficult it is to connect with another person, even in your own family, and how connection can be impossible for some people.

Queen of Strays

Amy wrote, ‘There are many things one should try not to take personally. An absence of convenient parking, inclement weather, a husband who finds that he loves someone else.’