Indescribable depth of pain

As she defines a new horizon

This uncertain home lacks

Cats and comfortable beds

19 years, unbridled joy

As she flashed

That “always” smile

In summer solstice sun

Or while dancing in the rain

Nights I slept on her floor

As she eased into dreams

Split family decision

Closed her,

Few words shared as she viewed

An unaccustomed room

New moon,

no creek singing

Midnight lullabies

I recall dance dad days

Her pride in reaching pointe

That night she owned the stage

Spinning, spinning

The finality

Of a father/daughter embrace

Under spot, center

Sure, she feels it

Walking next to me

Doubting unexplored streets

An unfamiliar singular stop

So sure that time is not real

Indescribable depth of pain

As I close my eyes

And emerge from a pas de deux

Fade to black

Will Silverman studied poetry and writing under Richard Hugo at the University of Montana. Some of his work will be published in an upcoming book entitled, “Just a Little More Time”.