Icarus Mine

A faint trail weaves beyond the pines.
The westbound breeze chases a swath
Of lavish clouds that coat the plain.
The setting sun peeks through, blaze orange,
Soaring, soaring –	
– there she is.

Across the meadow: one foot, two.
Hair tumbles to bare shoulders,
Heat glimmering in hollow cheeks
As sunlight brushes lips, blaze orange,
Flaming, flaming –
– I can smell her skin.

Her heartbeat hums: I listen close,
Threading through the shadows.
Grass grazes legs and beckons me
But beams lick at my arms, blaze orange,
Scorching, scorching –
– she begins to fall.

Like veils slip off or comets plunge
Her body curls, then drops, then sags.
I dash through pines to catch a god
As light pierces my eyes, blaze orange,
Blinding, blinding –
– my legs give in.

I hold her litheness as it seeps.
My hands, aflame, travel her length.
Sweat, tears and viscous blood all fuse:
A slick and exquisite blaze orange,
Melting, melting –
– she meets her wet fate.

Oh, Icarus mine, roll back your eyes,
Murmur to me the song of our time.
The one from our dreams, the one that hurts:
Fire in the ribcage, laughter in the night.
Sing, sing, my love –
– I leave you to die.


Darina Merkulova is a Canadian student based in Switzerland. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, playing piano, flying and participating in aircraft maintenance.