Litbreak Editing

Writing talent can’t be manufactured. But a good editor and writing coach can help with how to structure sentences, get the punctuation right, use vocabulary effectively and gauge the tempo of your storytelling so readers don’t get bored. A story has something like a central nervous system: all the components must work as an integrated whole and compliment each other, with no writing energy wasted. No space, no word, no sentence opportunity wasted but all contributing to the whole effect.

Here’s one free tip. You can’t write well in a literary vacuum. To write well, be a bookworm too. Find the writers who engage you. To a be a champion writer, learn from the best by reading their work. And read like a writer would. Ask yourself: What has been done, and how was it done?

For details contact Dennis Haritou: editor[at]litbreak[dot]com.

Litbreak Editing is independent of our submissions process.


“Dennis Haritou is among my most trusted readers and one of the finest substantive editors I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years.” -Jonathan Evison

Jonathan Evison is an American writer best known for his novels All About Lulu, West of Here, The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving and This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance.

“I bring my stories to Dennis Haritou because he is one of the best editors there is. He’s an unfailing advisor and a tireless steward of words.”-Joseph Rakowski

Joseph Rakowski is a short story writer with work published by New Ohio Review, Witness Magazine, PANK Magazine, The Baltimore Review and The Normal School.