Author’s Cover Letter: Lefcothea-Maria comes from Greece. Her first poetry collection was published by Adelaide Literary Magazine in 2019. Other poems have also appeared in Mediterranean Poetry, Aphelion webzine, Eskimo Pie, Academy of the Heart and Mind, The poet Magazine and Literary Yard. Scars Publications have also released two collection books: “The Ice that was” and “Τhe 2023 poetry review date book” in which her poems were also included. Her stories have appeared in magazines like Bright Flash Review, Twin&Twain and Flash Fiction North. Finally, her article ‘Life of uncertainty’ has been published by The Sentinel and Tri-town Tribune. In Greece, she is a published writer of children’s books and many of her articles appear in magazines and newspapers.

The Ride

Αt the intersection exist 
your dreams
neither evil nor noble.
You feel, and no doubt look, confused
your injuries 
somewhat  minor 
and pretty similar
turned out bad.
You hitch-hiked a ride to the moon
few survive the journey
I came to understand.
Men of the Twilight

Blisters on your knees
Take another bow
Are you done fighting?

All that should have been
Stay loosely tied
Dangling on a string

Men of the Twilight
Shrink back into the shadows
Take your final bow
To a dead lunar space
Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, there was a man
His heart was void
His feelings blank
Pale was his face and always stern
Life gave him lessons 
Which he refused to get
For he knew the world would never change
What is there to distinguish?
When the night returns
Once upon a time, the man grew old
Deep lines on his forehead 
The map of his soul
And the map revealed the gospel truth
When the soul is damned
There is nothing to lose
Now the man exhausted, crawls into bed 
When a memory revives
Fine threads emerge
So the threads made a fabric on a vertical loom 
And the boy that weaved it
Was once in that room