Employed there, with aspirations, I began smiling, pledging my allegiance. Worked and crunched and worked. Learned some,

then worked and crunched some more.

Working led to questioning of the promises lingering, not quite upheld, and with no end in sight.

I stayed up nights for months.

I worked, kept still, bit my breath.

You’ve got it beat if your believing is strong and that your believing includes the need for good living and that this kind of living is attained by believing that good living comes from hard working.

Working hard, I was soon crunched.

Now and when, I don’t believe

in the love of labor, but the labor of love.

Bill McGee writes poetry and fiction and has written and produced two Off Off Broadway plays. At New York University, he studied in the Creative Writing program and was Managing Editor of the university literary magazine, “The Minetta Review.”