Suicide Note

So I just thought you might like to know…
If, of course, you ever wanted to know
If knowing was ever part of the plan
Or if you planned on not knowing
Or if you never knew what you could know
And when you did knew only
You did not want to know.
I’ve been there before, sure, haven’t we all
Asked by strangers if we read poetry
What kind?
I write
Write what
In the mornings
Only the kind people can understand
I’m straight, you understand, as an arrow,
But I love everybody
My name means peace, you know
I’m a free spirit,
I’m not religious, I’m spiritual
Know the difference?

So anyways, as I was going to say before I got sidetracked,
Digressed, moved away, from my point,
I thought you might like to know
I’m moving to the Midwest
So I won’t get hit by hurricanes, tsunamis, and earthquakes,
Bad weather
Dangerous things of the sea
And terrorists, they come from the seas, no?

They all pretend to be free spirits, terrorists,
Not by the book just by the letter,
But hey, don’t they all write poetry,
Don’t we all write poetry, these days,
Somebody people and nobody people
Everyone a poet, everyone a something
How stupid, piles and piles of poetry
Piles and piles of trees,
Don’t we all love everybody these days, too,
And aren’t we all outwardly straight and secretly gay,
And the thing I wanted to tell you, before I got sidetracked,
Digressed, taken away by more important stories,

Alessandra Davy-Falconi is a phoenix. She’s been published before; if you’re really curious, google her.