Two Poems

A true story 

he had spent most of his life alone
it was a fact
in his dirty studio
painting like a maniac for more than twenty years
then destroying what he had painted
the day before
not selling anything
except on rare occasions
not seeing anyone too
except one friend
not showing his art
maybe because he was lost
inside himself
the world out there was totally meaningless
he knew this as a fact
since his father had died suddenly
and reality had collapsed
when he was still a kid
he had started to smoke a lot
and swallow pills like candies
the smoke and turpentine
making some kind of a poisonous fog
one day he just stopped to live suddenly
and then they found his body
near an unfinished canvas
only few weeks later
the decaying process
had already started
making his corpse quite colorful indeed
and mixing in strangely with
the unfinished canvas

the cat was going to die
it was certain
and the animal
understood this by instinct
it came to him
from the adjacent room
then slowly climbed on his desk
and looked at him
straight into the eyes
like as to say a last goodbye
it had been its best friend
for nearly fifteen years
now it was the end
only he cared about this
as Ogo was just a simple cat
after all
but since then he never could forget
these eyes
staring straight at him
like from the other side of life
from the world of the dead
after the passing away of his friend
he had been left all alone
with his grief and depression
for quite a while


Ivan de Monbrison is a person affected by strong psychic disorders that prevent him from having a “normal” life.  He has found in writing an exit to this prison. Or maybe it is a simple window from which like an inmate he can see a small square of blue sky above his head. His writing often reflects the never ending chaos within him, but at contrario to this mental chaos, the paper and the pen give him the opportunity to materlize this in a concrete and visible form. Writing is probably a slow death, but it’s probably better than mere suicide in the end. 

Ivan de Monbrison is a writer and poet who lives in Paris.