Though he also would have walked dogs if a star had asked him. He knew we needed money. The apartment we found was almost like the opposite of the pampered Hollywood places, where people parked your car for you. We lived in a ticky-tack jumble more like a chicken coop, with every apartment squeezed up against every other. Through the walls we heard our neighbors’ arguments or listened to their TVs blare. We ended up there because, unfortunately, Dirk’s mother’s diamond earring wasn’t pawnable.

Questioning Elitism

So many issues regarding elitism have arisen lately in my quasi-literary life that I’m impelled to write an essay. I don’t flatter myself that I have a "literary" life, hence the above qualification. Books have always been a refuge, even when I don’t read them. In my childhood I had a packed bookcase at the right side of my bed on top of my bureau. That bookcase was like the walls of Babylon. It prevented dragons from getting through to me.