All that should have been Stay loosely tied Dangling on a string

Tangerines for Lenin

And yet I still haven’t visited France. First obtaining a visa was a tedious bureaucratic process with a high chance of refusal. When the visa was no longer necessary, the flights were too expensive, so I decided to wait, traveling to countries that were more accessible. When finally a low-coast airline announced a new flight to Paris, I got the tickets, but the war broke out a month before my travel date. You can guess what is the first thing I dream of doing after the nightmare is over.

Five Rounds: Boxing Sonnets

Now, he wants a new trainer, but I am his father. In these hands, I held the infant version of that boy, the same hands caught his fists as I knelt before him, taught him to sink his weight, turn over the punch.

Nothing to See Here

I tell my mother it was a random act of violence, not a targeted hate crime. I tell her the story I’d told the police officers while I laid in the hospital bed. We’d all agreed that I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.