Flash Fiction Sequence: Music Lessons; For Family; The Bees

We talked about work without pay and pay without work. I mentioned an article that said that E. M. Forster had been granted a an honorary fellow position at King’s College, Cambridge, for twenty years without publishing another novel, but you pointed out that that still depended on a certain amount of pedigree and prestige prior to that point and I said it was true.

My University

“I participated in the book burnings at the university last night!” my brother Peter exclaimed.

“Where books are burned, people will eventually be burned,” I retorted.

We were students at Berlin University. He had joined the Nazi German Student Federation as many students had. The Depression dimmed prospects for employment. Hitler seemed intent on reducing unemployment and dealing with the Depression.

Kissing Frogs

“I guess,” Caitlin said, giving me a funny look. “They also have celebrity home tours, and you get to see where the Kardashians live and stuff.”

“Oh God, I hate–” I started to say, then realized that she had meant it genuinely. “Are you ready to go to dinner?” I asked instead, hoping that the change in venue would help make up for our lack of shared interests.