Story of a Privileged Nerd

I don’t remember learning to read, only that one moment I couldn’t and the next moment I could and my world changed forever. A shy only child, I was suddenly surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.


Outside, small, widely spaced flakes fall. A pair of laughing toddlers upholstered in red ski overalls trot stiffly ahead of a woman pushing a stroller. Martin thinks of his twin brothers. Sadly, he no longer remembers their faces.


“Is your concussion making you stupid?” He asked her when, at a party they’d decided to hold, she invited a coworker he particularly disliked. “It must be, because if it wasn’t there’s no way you would have thought it was okay to invite him to my place.” Josiah had her cornered in the kitchen, gesturing the neck of his beer at her.

Thirteen; Red; Anonymous

I knew he was the wolf, of course – meek as a retriever

on his bony back, frilled nightcap taut between the peaks

of his ears, drooling at the yeasty smell of my basket. Those

are some big teeth. Thing is, I’d walked into trouble’s mouth