At Your Service

My job is to give you a fine dining experience. The one where you cackle at my playful banter and leave nothing but cookie crumbles on the booth, a token of your humble gratitude.

Nana Faye

“I’m sure she is, Nana. I bet she’s looking down on you right now.”
Nana Faye snorted. It was odd to see the prim point of her nose turn up in such a way.

“No, I don’t think she is. I hope she’s with Elvis now… And Jesus too, of course.”

A Call

“Ah, nothing’s really wrong, you know. I was just watching the fireworks with my friends and, you know, thinking about how that’s another year down and… I don’t know, every year I come back here and do all the same things, see all the same people; it’s like this place is standing still. But not really, because whenever I come back the town’s a little more run-down, my friends are a bit older, the stuff we do is a bit less enjoyable. Everything’s just fading or something, I don’t know.”