The Artist Spoke

Now, he didn’t feel alone in this frenetic crowd thanks to Beth’s presence. Yet he experienced a kind of pre-aloneness, pre-grief at their soon-to-come separation. He’d tried to intellectualize himself beyond it. He’d tried to articulate the absurdity of the situation: the absurdity of falling in love with her, of having fallen in love in the space of only a few hours.

Ted Morrissey’s Autobiographical Statement

Those are overt examples of Mary Shelley’s influence, but I know she and her creations seep into my narratives in all kinds of strange ways. Only recently have I recognized that even my current novel in progress, “The Isolation of Conspiracy,” from which “The Artist Spoke” is excerpted, owes a great deal to her.

MoMA Now – Learning to Live Without a Canon

"MoMA Now" includes the works of over four hundred artists. I got seasick at first when I realized that Picasso and Matisse each are represented only a couple of times by my recollection, and Leger and other touchstones once among over four hundred creatives. That means the MoMA curators have blown up the canon.