The Boarding House

The room was advertised as a sun-filled, spacious double with inbuilt wardrobes and the listing included photos of a bed frame with sagging timber slats, an off-kilter hills hoist in a concrete back yard, and a narrow linoleum kitchen. No couples, pets or smoking. Available immediately and no references required.

Tentatively All In

Cynthia starts keeping her balcony sliding door open. She’d starts dressing more in her new clothes and doing her face even when she just plans on staying home. And when she hears Jane’s balcony door open, and starts to smell smoke, she more often than not manufactures casualness and goes out to see Jane. They catch up as much as anyone can in this time. Most of the time they’d just watch the quiet street in silence.

Pleased to Meet You

You see the surprise on your mother’s face that you’ve brought the white man home. Your mother is caught off-guard and becomes polite, not at all like with the others before.