Billie McCorkle’s Book Lover Forever

I remember the day I learned how to read. I was looking at a children’s book about diseases and germs. One moment the words meant nothing then the next moment, I was able to understand them. It was like a magical portal had opened, just for me. I was reading!

The book about childhood diseases like chickenpox, measles and mumps, with the funny cartoonish pictures of virus’ and bacteria suddenly took on a whole new meaning. After that, eventually, I graduated into the Beverly Cleary books about Ramona and her adventures. I was hooked.

Our elementary school had a monthly event called, RIF, Reading is Fun, where we would pack the gym and get to pick out one free book. The event turned out to be the highlight of the month. As I grew older, I moved on the more complex material and explored reading different genres.

I actively participate in the Goodreads reading challenge each year, pushing myself to make more time to read and explore new authors. My love for books and reading has saved me countless times over my life and is an invaluable tool to my writing. My apartment has more books than food in the fridge and despite moving around the country, despite the ups and downs of life, I will be a book lover forever.