Desktop Definitions – so called because they’re on my desktop

Massive Information Paradox: When the amount of information required to master a subject overwhelms the mind’s capacity to absorb it.

Time Bleed: When dissimilar activities or subjects blend into one another, disfunctioning all of them.

Disfunctioning: When optimal functions are rendered less effective due to competing functions.

Mass Compression Syndrome: The attempt to flood time with all meritorious activities simultaneously.

Time Flood: The attempt, which some consider ideal, to live your whole life at every instant.

Desperation Index: The probability that any routine activity will spill over into catastrophe.

Spill Over: A sudden and unexpected shift in the meaning of what you are doing.

Blobbing: Blog-like behavior on a literary magazine, where it has no legitimate purpose in being.

Flask Rupture: Derived from the former phrasing, Task Rupture. When you fail to do what is necessary or desirable because your performance isn’t perfect.

 Biblio-Trashing: The strong tendency to throw books in the garbage after you have tried to read them and failed.

Biblio-Reconciliation: The strong tendency to retrieve books from the garbage and try to read them again.

Deconstructive Bicameral Aesthetics: Experiencing art as designed to give satisfaction, chiefly by empathizing with/honoring traditions, in conflict with experiencing art as meant to challenge and alienate—viewing alienation as good because it provokes cognitive disruption.

Retrograde Conversion: A sudden and irreversible conversion to an old cultural artifact, previously considered to be out of date, but now loved for that reason, as a trace of a lost sensibility.

The Co-Opt Hinge: If they can buy it, it’s not so revolutionary.

The Superficiality Syndrome: The irrational determination not to be involved with what you are involved with.

Social Media Complex: An incomprehensible obsession with sharing your inane thoughts with the world. A desire to communicate with friends whom you don’t actually know.

Genre Tyranny: The enforced mediocracy of genre on storytelling. The resolution into boredom of narrative since there’s a strong compulsion to adhere to formula and suppress complexity.

Reality Displacement: Once you persuade the subject to replace reality with fantasy, you can then repeat the process multiple times!

Recognition Idiocy: The desire to be interested only in famous works that have a recognizable name. This is equivalent to thinking: I’m really not interested! and this is how I mask my indifference.

Activity Whirlpool Implosion: Destabilized activities that are failing in their purpose to mask despair. (Also referred to as “despaired repair” or “impaired despairing”.)

Screen Anxiety Meltdown: The attempt to mask anxiety with excessive screen time, which possibly results in momentary insanity. See also: Cell Phone Anemia.

Cell Phone Anemia: The draining away of human life by virtue of using a cell phone.

Personication: The need to put up a positive image of oneself so that the howling of the stricken animal in the dark, behind the mask, cannot be discerned. Sometimes also called “the human scrim” since it renders the individual behind the scrim opaque…on purpose.

The Illusion Machine: The developing of illusion as a pain shield. The illusion tendency is to retard the evolution (growth) of the person since it is anti-knowledge. Illusions are a paradox initiative. We need illusions to survive. We need to lose illusions to survive. Having illusions kills us. Losing illusions kills us.

Complexify: The tendency of theory to simplify being misleading; once you examine the development of history as actuated through time, it becomes impossibly complicated. Theory distorts, as a necessity. The preference is to credit theory over fact. We choke on ideology. If there was a God, please save us from the theory. It’s almost the case: Whatever you say it is, that’s not what it is! Reality implodes definitions.

The Amatory Curvature: Love without self-knowledge isn’t possible. Self-knowledge requires knowledge of others who must also be considered selves. Intimacy can be defined as the fusion of knowledge and love. It is the primary binary form. Love without this binary knowledge is an illusion. The illusion of love in the absence of the primary binary form is the gateway to craziness, the decline of the self, which may, in fact, be desired. In a dissonance, it is human to want to avoid the human. Being human is hard. It’s a task. Sometimes we want to break off from it. If there was a God, if he/she/they could protect us, then we should pray for God to keep us human, because in a cosmos where everything changes, that would be a miracle.

Sanding Your Signature: Persistence in writing your initials in the sand, even though their tidal vanishing is likely.