I Like Kenny G

There. I’ve said it

And if that makes me whiter than Wonder Bread

So be it.

His music takes me back

To a brief time when I was happy,

To someone who made me happy.

Don’t tell my black friends

Or I won’t have any

Or my musician friend

Who plays “real” jazz,

Chords so discordant

They clash with the furniture.

Did you know Kenny G’s

Real name is Kenneth Gorelick.

That should count for something.

And he can be mean, too,

Like Miles Davis.

And he plays a smoking hot clarinet.

We’re not talking milquetoast here.

I like Kenny G.

There. I’ve said it.

Gary Bloom has published articles, poetry, photography, and fiction in numerous print and online magazines, including Breath and Shadow, American Visions, Milwaukee Magazine, The Buffalo News, The Grand Rapids Press, Grit, Cappers, Oasis, Mankato Poetry Review, Players, and Black Diaspora. He grew up in Minneapolis and has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Mankato (Minnesota) State University. After working for many years as a computer programmer and database administrator he now lives and writes in Pass Christian, Mississippi.