Still, ‘Waiting for Godot’; Secret Road; Falling in Pair

Still, 'Waiting for Godot'

To come, and 
Grow green
The vineyards.
To bless, and
Swell the grapes
To the core. 

To summon and dine
Lord(s) and servant(s)
With wine
Autumn table.

Inebriation spreads,
World gets drunk, 
Estragon stumbles
Vladimir fuddled,
Major, minor and all
Fall in oblivion.
Ropes forget
To rook,
Guns forget 
To gash.
Walls become invisible,
World's back in bliss,
Peace to reign.
Secret Road

Just when I found a hole in my shoe,
With the sock showing through,
That got aware of rolling along
On a secret road headstrong.

A Wonderful whim, a conceit of resolve.

Connecting heart to heart,
It was visible to none, me set apart.
Light-hearted and free, I asked not for advice,
I myself was advice; young, mad, riotous and certain, it could suffice.

Far fairer the end; naked, open, a trope of desire.

Only as the blood drained and pain consumed,
With the scars on the sole and knee got bloomed,
That got aware of the hunters' call through the bars,
Disembodied spears of words, sly and pointed, terror avatars.

A myth of Keres. In my prime, stolen was flora of passion from me and petals left to wind.

At length, I survived the carnage, the falk,
But forced to learn secret inner talk.
Now, from heart to heart,
At nights, I set the mast to depart.

Secret road, secret talk, in joys and fears, is my allegory of deferred love.
Falling in Pair

We were double dice 
At the hands of the Wise,
'Gamblers, gov'ts and gods', 
Opted for the insides to churn
In the game of fate and fortune.

In the way of the world,
Punters, kings and lords
Played with our sides and soles.
As we rolled off of their hands
We sported with their secret demands:

Say, dancing discordant in the air,
I used to tell my rolling pair:
‘I've read Zeus's minds,
For Hera, his pains and pines,
And his lust for lucky double ONEs.’ 

Or, dancing frisky with the air,
Hinted hence my soulmate pair:
‘I've read Hera's inner talks
Her pose for shakes, shoots and shocks
And, her fancy for the ONEs in random lucks.’

We sported hence with all fancy plans
And down played urges for ‘lucky’ demands.
Then took turn to ours "as just as fair".
(in the game of fortune) 
Connected though were we in the air,
We failed to fall in PAIR. 


Hassan Rouhvand studied English Literature at Tehran Islamic Azad University. His professional and academic background includes lecturing at a number of universities, working as a staff writer for international media and publishing academic articles. Trying out a taste for poetry in his mother language dates back to his adolescent years, and writing English poetry began in recent years.