Not Dark Yet by by Berit Ellingsen

At times, because I read incessantly, I grow weary of novels published by the major houses; novels that are written and released with the intention to reach a majority of readers and to sell. For palate cleansing I turn to books from indie publishers. Two Dollar Radio is such a one, run out of their home in Columbus, OH. by a husband and wife team. Berit Ellingsen is a Korean-Norwegian science writer and novelist who lives in Norway and writes in English. Not Dark Yet is her second novel. read more

All Set for Ardor?

The place is a strip joint now. My father calls it his gentleman’s club. He insists it’s a clean, well-lighted establishment run by topnotch professionals. He makes regular use of the weekday All-you-can-eat buffet. He says he likes to sit stage-side, “up close and personal” and chow down while pretty women dance just out of reach. When I asked about the food, he said, “Out of this world. You’ll see. I’ll take you there on your birthday,” Which is rich. You’ll see how rich that statement is. Just give me a minute. read more

The Crowns

Kansas City, Missouri

Hilary Crown

Johnson hadn’t been home in a week. Instead, he chose to sleep at his apartment on campus, which was fine because I didn’t really want him back anyway. I enjoyed my morning cigarette while standing in a clutch of trees at the edge of our property. The children picked flowers. The town’s tornado siren went off. We were on the far side of the pasture, the house floated on the horizon like a cruise ship, Tom and Victoria grabbed my hands and we started running. Dark skies closed in, the wind swirled, snatching anything not nailed down. read more