The two men stood in the entryway of Edwina Graham’s spacious one-bedroom apartment. This whole building was going condo, and the fact that an old woman had a controlled rent of $580 wasn’t going to stand in the way of that. She had held out for months, but Carlson had had enough. This was a multi-million dollar deal, for God’s sake.

Test Subjects

There was something wrong with the self-checkout at Queen’s Grocer, I could tell. I didn’t know quite what it was yet, but I was sure there was something wrong with it. “Insert bills, or select method of payment,” said the robotic female voice. read more

Standard Operating Proceedure



Somewhere in the region of seven-hundred-and-fifty-thousand medical files are stored in a remote warehouse leased to a well-regarded medical insurance company. The project is as follows; to manually re-organise each file into three distinct sections, digitally scan each section, and upload to the company’s state-of-the-art archive and retrieval system. The end result of this endeavour is to ensure that at the push of a button some drone in the Stockholm office or in the Buenos Aires office or in the Dundalk office may easily access a detailed description of Mrs So-and-So’s stool samples. Despite the considerable time and resources invested thus far in the project, acceptable progress has not been achieved by the company. read more